Super Meat Boy coming to Steam in November

super meat boy

The slimy platformer that's been delighting and infuriating console owners in equal measure for the last few weeks is going to be bringing it's crazy and incredibly hard levels to the PC later this month.

The indie devs Team Meat made the announcement on Twitter , saying "Steam (Pc) version is coming out last week of nov." There will be a non-Steam version of the game coming out afterwards, though that version won't come with the Steam achievements.

Super Meat Boy is ... weird. You play as Meat Boy, a living, slippery cube of meat, on a quest to rescue his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the clutches of Evil Dr. Fetus. It contains eight worlds, with plans for a level editor to be released later on PC. For a taste of the full release, the original Flash version of the game is still available to play on Newgrounds . Meanwhile, check out the completely deranged release trailer below. It will melt your face.

Tom Senior

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