The greatest acts of unintentional gaming heroism

'Get down Mr. President' wasn't a gaming subreddit to begin with. The joke, initially, was to post gifs and videos of ineffectual or unintentional but dramatic tackles and leaps into harm's way—acts of valor you'd see in a Hollywood portrayal of a bodyguard, only with cats and children

Reddit being Reddit, it didn't take long for gaming videos to flood the community, and now that's pretty much all it is. We spent a good 30 minutes passing our favorites back and forth this morning, so we figured we'd pass them onto you, too. Heroes, all of them:

Guess the plan wasn't... ghoulproof. Posted by packetloss via Forge.

Leaping motorcycles over buses is nice, but it takes even more guts to leap an ATV into the trajectory of a tank shell. Posted by nomnivore1.

A perfect combination of mole rat bravery and VATS slow-mo. Posted by SnarfyMcSnarferson.

Each round of Rainbow Six Siege, a handful of surveillance cameras are immediately sacrificed. Player R-Heydrich steps up to try and stop the mindless slaughter. Posted by ThatTrashBaby.

Wild helicopters are some of the bravest creatures on earth. This one dives beneath a falling explosive to save the president of a ruined building. Posted by XxGhastxX, originally by packetloss.

Even the Stormtroopers who can aim don't hit their targets. Posted by Zombie_Booze.

Although slightly out of character for a Scout, we acknowledge that he, at least for a few seconds, halted an assassination attempt. Posted by 7dwn.

A casual stroll into the line of fire from a dedicated, but relaxed, defender of airplanes. Posted by xXZeemannXx.

A hero of heroes leaps out from behind a bus almost too fast to see. Posted by secopree.

It's a little hard to see, but the ship in the back gently nudges what we assume is the president of ships into a perfect evasive maneuver. Related fun fact: During WWII, the USS William D. Porter accidentally fired a torpedo at President Roosevelt. Posted by sniperwhg.

A Titan with impeccable timing. Posted by Prowl3000, originally erroneousEmu.

The long setup only makes this one better. Posted by ItsTheKoolAidMan.

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