Strafe coming early 2017, in-game footage appears

Strafe boom

Strafe (sorry, STRAFE®) is that game with excellent trailers straight out of 1996: a sci-fi, procedurally generated gorefest that aims to re-associate mindless gunplay with words like 'radical' and 'sick'. Today, Pixel Titans has taken a break from parody to show off more in-game headsploding in celebration of its publishing deal with Devolver Digital, the publisher of Hotline Miami. No, I can't think of a better fit either.

"People want blood. They want tight action,” Strafe director Thom Glunt said in my favourite ever press release. “They want speed that makes their face melt off, so they can scoop up the soupy remains and toss it in the air like a liquid confetti. Nobody gets that like Devolver Digital.”

“Once everyone is dead, then we can take literally all of their money,” Fork Parker, Devolver Digital CFO added. “Who’s gonna stop us? You? You’ll be a boiling puddle of entrails with more important things to do, like replacing the office chair you just dissolved through. And good luck, ‘cause you’re bankrupt.”

Strafe is due out in early 2017 on on PC, Mac, "and possibly Linux if everyone would stop fucking asking about it". It'll be Rift-compatible too.