STRAFE resurfaces with another seminal trailer

STRAFE glutton
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Exactly one year ago, STRAFE secured $208,000 Kickstarter funding with arguably the best trailer made with any budget (opens in new tab). Except maybe Kung Fury (opens in new tab)—but it was close! It's good to see a year of development hasn't dampened the devs' spirits any: they're back with another mad trailer for you to have a lunchtime smirk at.

If you're interested in knowing how the gory, procedurally generated, Rift-compatible shoot 'em up plays, Pixel Titans is using the anniversary to stream an hour of its hard work and take questions over Twitch (opens in new tab) tonight, February 19, at 7pm PST. Here's a link (opens in new tab) to their flyer. Normally I wouldn't link a flyer, but it's more '90s than I'm able to put into words.