State of Decay coming to Steam Early Access in "a couple weeks or so"

Undead Labs, the company that pumped out State of Decay on the 360 earlier this summer, has confirmed the PC version is hitting Steam's Early Access Program in “a couple weeks or so.”

The company couldn't give an exact release date on when we'll see State of Decay pop up, but two weeks (or so) isn't too long , so I suppose we'll just have to keep our eyes open. Undead Labs says the full game, which comes with full mouse and keyboard controls, will come out before year's end.

In case you missed our previous article on the subject, State of Decay's PC version also comes with higher resolutions, better visuals, and higher framerates. You know, the usual stuff. It won't come attached with mod tools, but Undead Labs said it wouldn't get in the way of those determined to mod the game on their own.

Undead Labs concluded its Facebook post by hinting at discussions regarding future games, though hopefully said games will come to the PC from the get go rather than a few months after the console versions hit.