Star Wars: Battlefront season pass brings 16 new maps and more

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront releases this week, and it'll launch with 12 multiplayer maps. According to new details posted on the game's official website, the season pass will bring an additional 16 maps over the course of the next year. There are four expansions all up, with the first expected "early" in 2016.

What else? There are 20 "new pieces of galactic tech", which means new weapons, vehicles and Star Cards. Four more heroes and villains will roll out, as will four new modes. If you get the season pass you'll gain access to each expansion two weeks in advance, in addition to a "shoot first" emote.

Seems decent, but then, the Battlefront season pass is among the most expensive I've seen. It'll set you back £39.99/$49.95/AU$69.95, and with all those extra maps rolling out, it feels like you'll definitely want the expansions come this time next year if you still hope to stay competitive. This is what comes with the game when it launches on Tuesday.

If you need a reason to feel excited about Battlefront, this speeder bike gameplay video should do the trick.

Shaun Prescott

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