Star Wars Battlefront's ships, guns, heroes and star cards laid bare

Star Wars Battlefront 2

What exactly is included in Star Wars Battlefront? Until I few minutes ago, I wasn't entirely sure, but now I know every hero, every weapon, every power-up, vehicle, trait and star card, even if I'm none the wiser what a 'star card' is, exactly. (Oh, turns out they're a bunch of secondary weapons and abilities.) If you want to know all that, maybe you should log into your EA account here, and EA will generously dollop that information all over your screen.

There are:

  • 13 Star Cards
  • 6 Charged Star Cards
  • 5 Traits
  • 11 Power ups
  • 10 Vehicles
  • 6 Heroes

Included in the game at launch, and while most of the standard favourites are in there already, there are a few figures notable by their absence including Chewie, Wicket the Ewok, and that dude Vader choke-killed in A New Hope. GamesRadar has helpfully taken screengrabs of the details; I've nabbed a couple, but if you want the full list and you don't have an EA account, click here.

Star Wars Battlefront contents 1

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