This Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod lets you murder Stormtroopers as Baby Yoda

(Image credit: EA/Nanobuds)

It was inevitable. The wrinkly, green 50-year-old star of The Mandalorian is finally a playable character in Star Wars Battlefront 2, sort of. While Disney is perhaps hesitant about letting DICE turn its cute baby alien into a killing machine, modder Nanobuds can afford to be less restrained. 

We first heard about the mod last year, when Nanobuds revealed they were working on the model, adding to a collection of mods that includes the extremely cool cyborg Darth Maul and an intimidating battle damaged Darth Vader. It was finished last week, so you can take it for a spin now. 

Baby Yoda replaces BB-8, one of Battlefront 2's newest additions. They're around the same size, and Baby Yoda potters around in a pod with a spherical bottom, so they're already pretty close. The wee droids are a real pain in the arse to deal with, given how tiny they are, so hopefully Baby Yoda will be just as deft at surviving. 

I like to think I'm above falling for Disney's Force persuasion powers, but I love Baby Yoda and will die to protect him. Judging by my normal Battlefront 2 performance, I will be proving that a lot. The movies imply nobody in Star Wars knows how to shoot a gun, but I've sadly not found that to be the case in the game. 

Download the skin on Nexus Mods

Battlefront 2 also received a hefty update last week, returning to the original trilogy and throwing in a new ewok hero for good measure. It's been more focused on the Clone Wars and Rise of Skywalker until now, so it's nice to be back. 

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