A modder is bringing Baby Yoda to Star Wars Battlefront 2

(Image credit: Nanobuds)

I haven't watched The Mandalorian, the Disney Plus show about Boba Fett 3.0, but based on social media reactions it appears that the biggest thing to come out of it so far is Baby Yoda. I'm not sure how you determine that the laser-guided bundle of weapons grade is cute is actually a baby in the first place, except for the fact that it's less wrinkly that Old Yoda and rides around in a space-pram.

[They actually explain in the show that Baby Yoda is 50-something years old—long suffering Ed]

Anyway, it's cute as hell and that's what really counts in these situations. Seriously, just look at this. Unless you're trying to avoid spoilers, in which case, you probably shouldn't.

Soon, if all goes according to plan, Baby Yoda will make the leap from television to videogames: Modder Nanobuds revealed on Reddit that he's working on a Baby Yoda model for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Nanobuds said the image they shared earlier this week, and seen up above, is "just a quick test," and that the final version "will have the correct eyes." Hopefully it will also have a less scowly countenance overall, too, because right now it looks a lot more "Yoda" than "Baby" to me. (Those ears definitely need to be droopier, and it probably wouldn't hurt to soften up the forehead, too.) 

There's no word on when the little fella will be brought to life or how exactly they'll be incorporated into the game, but this isn't Nanobuds' first Battlefront 2 project and their previous work—a trio of Darth Vader skins including Battle Damaged Darth Vader, Fallen Order Vader, and my favorite of the bunch, Helmetless Darth Vader—is really good. Here's hoping Baby Yoda matches up. (They're so cute!)

Andy Chalk

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