Star Control: Origins' combat beta is due out soon

After 25 years, the Star Control series has almost returned. After delaying the launch of Star Control: Origins, which was originally planned for November, Stardock has announced its beta release schedule, along with a trailer that showcases some of the new game’s features, like sharing player-created planets and space combat. 

Star Control Origins takes place in 2086, and players will find themselves in the shows of the captain of Earth’s first interstellar starship, boldly going into a procedurally generated galaxy full of alien races and unique worlds. But space can be cruel and the galaxy is on the brink of chaos, so expect a lot of fighting.

The first beta, titled Super Melee beta, is due out later this year, and will let players much around with the combat system in simulations. Then, in the first quarter of next year, the adventure beta will kick off, letting everyone explore the galaxy and embark on quests for needy aliens. 

There’s no final release date, unfortunately. “When it’s done,” say Stardock. It is available for pre-order, however. It’s on Steam for £19.49/$.24.99

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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