Spotify has launched its own island in Roblox for reasons

Spotify Island in Roblox
(Image credit: Roblox Corporation)

Spotify has decided to venture into the bizarre world of Roblox, launching an "interactive world" with plans to allow "artists to connect with fans." Oh, and sell virtual merchandise of course.

The aptly-named Spotify Island sports the streaming service's distinct green tinge, with various musical playthings dotted around and small bits of platforming. Spotify says the main hub is a place for friends to hang out and splice up different beats with each other across various stations. Collectables in the form of the "like" icon will be scattered around, which can be exchanged for virtual merchandise to kit out your little Roblox pal.

There are also plans to have branching themed islands, which Spotify hopes will offer the opportunity for things like virtual meet and greets, mini-quests, and even more virtual merchandise. The streaming service says a percentage of the profits from the virtual gubbins will go straight back to the artist, though they declined to reveal how much that would be.

The first themed island in the works is for all things K-Pop, arriving later in the spring. It'll feature artists Stray Kids and SUNMI, with Spotify saying it will "give fans the chance to interact" with the stars. Further details are pretty vague though, with no word on the extent of these interactions or how they'll work. Spotify Island has debuted today, should you fancy a venture into the unusual videogame/music mashup.

Roblox remains one of those phenomenons that feels so incomprehensible to anyone on the outside looking in despite being a juggernaut in the gaming space. CEO David Baszucki is expected to take home $234 million over the next five years—a mighty large sum considering concerns around the megaplatform exploiting young developers and moderation of its collectables market.

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