Sponsored: Say goodbye to bezels with LG's UltraWide monitors

Do you enjoy gaming across multiple monitors? Ever wanted to be free of the intrusive bezel gaps caused by overlapping screens? LG's range of UltraWide monitors promise smooth single-screen gaming at widescreen resolutions, and offer a refreshing amount of workspace when you're not busy running fleet assaults in Eve Online, or snatching victory in Dota 2.

It turns out games look great at cinematic aspect ratios. LG's 21x9 displays come in a range of sizes, from 25 to 35 inch, boasting IPS screens with healthy viewing angles, and a low latency that'll translate your mouse movements into game action swiftly.

If you're looking for plenty of on-screen real estate, the 34UM95's 3440x1440 resolution represents and excellent super-HD option. For graphic designers and engineers, or anyone who works with computers every day, the monitor's Screen Split technology will let you run multiple applications easily on the same display. It even looks great with the bold interfaces of Windows 8 and Steam's Big Picture mode.

LG have earned a reputation for producing powerful, vivid screens, recently winning at the Technical Image Press Association Awards 2014. There the LG 34UM95 scooped the "Best Photo Monitor" gong for its robust colour reproduction and deep, accurate colours. The same technology will bring out the best in the PC's most beautiful games. Expect the electric blue oceans of Assassin's Creed 4 to look even more vibrant.

You'll get plenty of width for your buck across LG's range of smaller HD UltraWide monitors, too. The 29UM65 provides a good 29-inch alternative, and for those looking for something a little more petite, there's a 25 inch choice in the 25UM65. Both run 8bit screens for quick and crisp visuals and accurate colour reproduction. The 2560x1080 resolution won't put much extra strain on your graphics card, if you're switching up from a 1920x1080 screen.

Beyond gaming, you'll find plenty of useful utilities that'll make everyday use easier. All of LG's UltraWide monitors work with Dual Linkup, which lets you share the screen between two devices—ideal for expert multitaskers. Reader Mode eliminates uncomfortable blue tones to allow for long reading sessions that are easy on the eyes. A competitive range of ports makes the UltraWide a flexible series, too. Each edition features a a pair of HDMI ports, headphone sockets and, in the big 34UM95, a USB 3.0 slot. As you'd expect, movies look great. That 21x9 ratio will let you watch your favourite films with no black bars.

More and more games are offering flexible resolution settings, and multi-monitor support. The LG UltraWide offers greater gaming immersion, and provides a spacious workspace between gaming sessions. Find out more about the UltraWide range on the LG site .