How to make the Radio Alarm Trap in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest radio alarm trap in a forest clearing
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The Radio Alarm Trap is a new addition to Sons of the Forest and arrived in the latest update. What might make it especially confusing to find and build, though, is that it has a different name in the crafting menu. Still, it's a worthwhile addition to any base and can alert you to the presence of enemies with a song or two, though you should probably hold off breaking into dance until you've dealt with them.

If you've been exploring the cannibal-infested island and have gotten to the point where you're thinking of protective measures for your home, you've probably got most of the materials you need to build a Sons of the Forest Radio Alarm trap. With that in mind, here's how to set one up so you can sleep soundly.

How to make a Sons of the Forest Radio Alarm Trap 

To get rid of any confusion right at the start, you need to look for the Silent Alarm Trap in the crafting menu, rather than the Radio Alarm Trap as it appears to be called in the latest patch notes. Aside from that, building it is pretty straightforward.

Select the framework under the traps section—if you can't find it, switch the mode with X—then place it wherever you want. Ideally, this wants to be somewhere that you know enemies will pass to get to your base. Once the frame is positioned, you'll need the following materials to build the Radio Alarm Trap:

  • One wire
  • Eight bones
  • One radio
  • One rock
  • One skull
  • 13 sticks

Once you have all the materials—or even some, you can add more later—look at the frame and press E to add the stuff you have. Once you've thrown in the materials, you have a working Radio Alarm Trap.

An enemy will need to touch the wire for it to trip and for the radio to start playing. Not only should this alert you to their presence but it should keep them occupied for a bit too, giving you ample time to figure out how you want to deal with them. If there are a few, a grenade might be tempting but will likely destroy your trap, so a rifle from a good vantage point is likely the better option. That or cowering under a table and hoping they go away, though this probably isn't as effective as the first two options. 

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