How to get Egg Memos in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Egg Memo - Sonic collecting rings
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Egg Memos are one of Sonic Frontiers' more mysterious collectibles, but to those fans of the series who like a bit of blue hedgehog lore, these may well be a must-have. If you've visited Big the Cat's Cyber Space fishing spot, you may have spied an Egg Memo in his shop and wondered if there was any value in forking over all your fishing tokens to get it.

Here I'll explain how to collect all 24 Egg Memos in the game, what they're for, and perhaps the biggest mystery of all: how to look at them in the game's confusing menu system.

How to get every Egg Memo 

To get all 24 Eggs Memos in Sonic Frontiers, you're going to need to do a lot of fishing. You can purchase them from Big the Cat in exchange for fishing tokens, which you get randomly depending on what you reel in at the Fishing Spot in each zone. As with any of the other items you can purchase from Big, the price will go up after you buy one or two, meaning you'll need to do plenty of fishing to grab them all. You can find the first Fishing Spot on the west side of Kronos Island.

Every time you fish with Big the Cat, you also have to pay Purple Coins, and the amount increases as you move into each new area. You can find these by racing around zones and just generally following tracks and jumps. I'd advise not spending your Purple Coins from Kronos Island on Egg Memos, but using them on Portal Gears, Chaos Emerald Vault Keys, and Amy's Memory Tokens, since it's better to get through the first zone quickly as there are a lot more Purple Coins to find on Ares Island. It's always possible to switch maps and fast travel back to Kronos Island and the first Fishing Spot.

If you want to access your Egg Memos, the only way is to select the fish-o-pedia option when talking to Big the Cat. There's no way to view them in your inventory or in any menu when you're not at the Fishing Spot. 

What are Egg Memos used for? 

The only way to access Egg Memos is through the fish-o-pedia (Image credit: Sega)

The Egg Memo collectibles may seem like they have an ulterior purpose, but they are just lore and flavour. When you purchase one you can listen to it and it'll give you a little excerpt of Dr. Eggman giving his thoughts about Cyber Space. That said, if you don't want to bother getting them for yourself since they seem to have no in-game benefit, you can always just get your Sonic lore fix by listening to them on YouTube, such as in this video by Egg Emperor:

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