How to unlock fast travel in Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic Frontiers' fast travel isn't the easiest feature in the game to unlock, but once you do, you can warp across the Starfall Islands and save Sonic's little legs having to run everywhere. It's a slightly different system than what you'd usually expect in an open-world game, and requires more than your typical Assassin's Creed-esque scaling of monuments.

In this Sonic Frontiers fast travel guide, I'll explain the different ways you can teleport in-game, how to unlock portals across the map, and also how to get items that let you fast travel even if you don't have the portal system unlocked.

How to unlock fast travel in Sonic Frontiers 

While Sonic Frontiers does let you fast travel between the world's zones, if you want to fast travel within a zone itself, you have to unlock this separately. The way you do this is to complete all of the challenges scattered across that zone. These little puzzles are marked with question marks on the map, and they vary from running time trials, to stepping on switches, to sprinting in a hamster wheel.  

When you complete one it'll reveal more of the map, and once they're all completed, you'll be able to fast travel between Cyberspace Portals. In order to see these, you need to cycle through the map using Q and E until you get to the 'Fast Travel' tag. If you're travelling between separate zones, you'll need to switch between the map. Completing these challenges also spreads and connects the ancient rail network across each zone so you can slide along them and generally move through the area faster. 

The second way to unlock fast travel is with the Elder Koco's Scroll and Hermit Koco's Scroll items. You can get them as a potential reward from the Fishing Spot in each zone, as Sonic has a chance to catch one instead of a fish. When you return to the open world, you'll be able to use the scroll to fast travel to an Elder Koco or Hermit Koco within the zone. If you do decide to go fishing, don't forget to bring Purple Coins with which to pay Big the Cat. There is a fishing spot in every zone, so you can gather more of the items for the Koco Elders and Hermits located there.

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