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Shelter 2 expandalone Paws announced

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Developer Might and Delight has announced the slightly confusing name of their new project: 'Paws, a Shelter 2 game', which won't require Shelter 2 (opens in new tab) to play. To me, that means a new, standalone game with the freedom to recycle assets and ideas—an exapandalone, in other words. Paws arrives on Steam (opens in new tab) March 24.

Where Shelter 2 cast you as a mother lynx (opens in new tab) raising her ungrateful brats, in Paws you are the ungrateful brat, washed away and separated from your family. You'll need to find your way back through a large, scary world seen through the eyes of a kitten.

I enjoyed the first Shelter (opens in new tab) in a distressing sort of way. Mothering doesn't make the most obvious basis for a game found outside of supermarket bargain bins, but trying to keep all those cubs in line was a panic-inducing battle. Perhaps playing as the offspring will be cathartic.