'Several new' SteamWorld games are currently in development

Steamworld Dig 2
(Image credit: Image & Form)

Image & Form has announced it's working on "several new SteamWorld games", as well as a future name change following its merge with Thunderful Development.

While Image & Form hasn't announced how many SteamWorld games are arriving, a ResetEra post has pointed out a 2020 financial report from Thunderful. It suggests at least four new games are in the works, all slated for release around 2022 and 2023. There's no word on what kind of SteamWorld games are in development either, but some cheeky tweet replies hint towards SteamWorld Dig 3 being one of them.

The studio also clarified its relationship with Thunderful Development, with the two fully merging in 2020 after being under the Thunderful Group since 2017. 

"The Image & Form teams are part of Thunderful since a while back," the studio says. "While we're no longer a separate studio from Thunderful, you can count on quality games from the same people (and new faces) for years to come!"

It was also confirmed the merged studios would be operating under a new name sometime in the future, with a follow-up tweet saying "a name change is coming! We'll announce the new handle then."

The last SteamWorld game to release was back in 2019 when SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech released on Steam. SteamWorld Dig 2 is arguably Image & Form's most popular game in the series, which we named one of the best indie games on PC.

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