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Secretlab is offering $25 off most of its gaming chairs

Secretlab is offering $25 off most of its gaming chairs
You can bring home Secretlab's Omega, our top gaming chair, for close to what it sold for during Black Friday. (Image credit: Secretlab)

Do you find yourself suddenly working from home? You may find that your office chair isn't cutting it for extended use, and if that's the case, it's time for an upgrade. To help with that, Secretlab is offering $25 off most of its 2020 series chairs (save for the G2 and OG editions).

The discount applies to the Omega, our top pick among our roundup of the best gaming chairs. Using coupon code 25STAYHOME20 (which should be automatically applied at checkout), the price drops from $359 to $334. That's just $10 more than what it sold for over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair | $334 (save $25)
The Omega is constructed from high-end materials, is comfortable, and now at one of its lowest prices ever. Use coupon code 25STAYHOME20 for the full discount.View Deal

Secretlab lists the MSRP as $440 on the Omega, which is a bit ambitious. Still, the discounted price is one of the lowest we have seen for this model.

We like the Omega because it's well made from top to bottom. From the casters and base to the lift mechanism and armrests, Secretlab does not skimp on materials or quality.

The Omega is rated for up to 240 pounds. If you're looking for something smaller, the Throne starts at $309 (after discount) and is rated for up to 220 pounds. On the flip side, there's the $379 post-discount Titan (up to 290 pounds) and Titan XL for $459 (up to 390 pounds).

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