Sea of Thieves is giving away a Gears of War-inspired ship set for a week

There's a new Sea of Thieves update coming later this month called The Seabound Soul that will give digital swashbucklers a new Tall Tale to explore and a new kind of cannonball to throw at each other. There's also a new set of ship cosmetics called the Omen Set that you can pick up for free, right now.

The Omen Set is "inspired by" Gears of War, which is to say that the mainsail has a gigantic Gears logo splashed across it. It looks good, though, and since skulls are such a big part of the whole pirate motif, it's thematically appropriate too. The set also includes a Lancer chainsaw-style figurehead, which I think actually looks a little goofy—it reminds me more of the Eagle from Carmageddon more than Gears of War, to be honest—and a very nice deep red hull livery. The hull is my favorite part of the set, and would go very nicely with any dark-colored sails.

The Omen Set is free for everyone who plays before 12 am PT on November 22, and unlike some previous giveaways there doesn't appear to be any waiting period for this one: I logged into Sea of Thieves just now and the full kit was waiting in my ship customization chest.

For fans of lore, Rare also released a trio of free Sea of Thieves digital comics that chronicle the origins of Madame Olivia of the Order of Souls, Humphrey the Gold Hoarder, and Molly of the Merchant Alliance. Download links and a deep-dive into their making can be had at Sea of Thieves: The Seabound Soul goes live on November 20.

Andy Chalk

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