The next Sea of Thieves update adds a ghostly new Tall Tale and flaming cannonballs

The next free monthly update for Sea of Thieves is near, arriving on November 20. It's called The Seabound Soul, and will contain a ghostly new Tall Tale, plus a new tool for bombarding your fellow pirates: fireballs.

The new Tall Tale will invite players to join pirate Captain Pendragon and chase down a spooky ghost ship, the Ashen Dragon. And it looks like you'll need to use your trusty bucket for more than just bailing out your sinking ships, because flaming cannonballs are being added. They don't just explode, but set ships on fire. The trailer above shows several ships completely engulfed in flames, and also shows a player tossing a flaming grenade. Things are heating up, matey.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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