Save up to 90 percent on adventure games in the Daedalic Entertainment weekend Steam sale

Dozens of games published by Daedalic Entertainment are on sale on Steam this weekend. The publisher's weekend sale is now live, with several discounts cutting as deep as 90 percent. The sale runs through Monday, November 6. 

The star of the sale is the Daedalic Publisher Weekend Bundle, a hand-picked selection of five games. At $50, it's 68 percent off but still fairly expensive, though that's much cheaper than the usual $155. 

There's also the Daedalic Entertainment Artist Selection Bundle. It includes six adventure, puzzle and point-and-click games that would normally set you back $125 in total, but with its steep 90 percent discount, the bundle costs just $13. 

The Daedalic Armageddon Bundle is just as hefty. It includes 11 point-and-click adventures, including the Deponia and Edna & Harvey series, and shares the same discount and price as the Artist Selection Bundle. It also costs $13, down from $130. 

Finally, there's the Daedalic Gigantic Bundle, which includes a mix of 14 adventure games, strategy games and RPGs. And—you guessed it—it's 90 percent off and costs $13. 

Individual and other sale highlights include:

Austin Wood
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