Save mom's video store by pulling crimes in this 90s comic caper

Remember the '90s? Not really (I was an actual child for most of it), but Skybound is banking on you loving the saturated Saturday morning cartoon stylings of the decade for its upcoming crime caper, The Big Con.

It's a story ripped straight out of a family VHS—complete with cheesy, period-appropriate trailer narration. With loan sharks threatening to shut down mom's video store, 17-year-old Ali embarks on a cross-country road trip to steal, scam, and scrounge together enough money to save the shop.

Each stop on your adventure opens up a new heist, and you've got plenty of tools to swindle. Pickpocketing is a reliable staple, but using disguises or good old-fashioned sneaking to hear about big scores is where the real money's at. Naturally, the whole thing is painted in an oversaturated '90s palette, sitting somewhere between Toejam & Earl and a Cartoon Network classic. 

The game is Toronto studio Mighty Yell's debut (a developer sporting talent from games like Jazzpunk and Guacamelee! 2), and is published by Skybound—a company that took over The Walking Dead ownership after Telltale bit the dust, but has more recently pushed into experimental works like heart-breaking blink 'em up Before Your Eyes

The Big Con is coming to Steam later this year.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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