Save $700 off an RTX 2070-powered Legion gaming desktop from Lenovo

Save $700 off on an RTX 2070-powered Legion gaming desktop from Lenovo
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Lenovo is giving us a sneak peek at the kind of sales we should expect over Black Friday with a special weekend sale. This week's cheap gaming desktop deal is a Legion T730 with Nvidia RTX 2070. This model of the T730 (90JF00B0US) goes for $2,369.99, usually,  but Lenovo is slicing the price down to $1,649, courtesy of coupon code: BFCM31. That's a $720 saving for a powerful gaming desktop that's pretty future-proof. 

The Legion T730 has an Intel Core i9-9900K processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and an RTX 2070—a pretty high-end build for gamers who want to easily play in the highest presets in 1080p or 1440p. You can play all your favorite games in 1080p at medium presets without major issues. With such a powerful processor and decent portion of RAM, this kind of build is ideal for multitasking and video editing, so if you're an aspiring streamer it's well worth a look. Pair this with one of the best gaming monitors and you've got yourself a killer set-up. 

Lenovo Legion T730 | RTX 2070 | $1,649 (save $720)

Lenovo Legion T730 | RTX 2070 | $1,649 (save $720)
This Legion T730 with an RTX 2070 is a beefy gaming desktop for hardcore users. Make sure to use coupon code BFCM31 at checkout. 

Don't forget to use that code at checkout for the maximum saving, otherwise you'll miss out. With what you save, you can easily splurge on a pair of killer gaming headsets, or maybe even a monitor, during the vast incoming Black Friday deals. We will be painstakingly tracking all the best deals this holiday. 

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