Samsung's 27-inch 1440p 144Hz VA gaming monitor is now less than £200 in this Amazon deal (Update: out of stock)

Samsung's 27-inch 1440p 144Hz VA gaming monitor is now less than £200 in this Amazon deal
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Update: It looks like this deal is out of stock now.

Original story: It wasn't that long ago that any 144Hz gaming monitor was mega money. But here we are on Amazon Prime Day 2019 and you can snag this epic 27-inch Samsung CJG50 with 144Hz refresh, a quality VA panel and 1440p native res for under £200. That's a great deal on a very solid gaming monitor. Often you sacrifice resolution for refresh or response rate, especially if you step up to an IPS panel, but this hits that sweet middle-ground.

Samsung CJG50 | 27-inch | 144Hz | 1440p | VA | £199 (save £110)

Samsung CJG50 | 27-inch | 144Hz | 1440p | VA | £199 (save £110)
Listed as the Samsung LC27JG50QQUXEN on Amazon, this is a recent 2018 model with super specs and a fab VA panel. A significant step up on the usual TN fare. 144Hz refresh and 1440p res is a great combo.

Additional highlights include the 1800R curvature, 4ms response times and some nifty Samsung styling. But it's that VA panel that really does the business. Along with the 144Hz refresh and 1440p native resolution, it also offers a static contrast ratio of 3000:1. that's far higher than you'll get with any TN or IPS monitor. It may not be officially HDR, but it will be punchier than a lot of low end IPS-based HDR panels.

Don't forget, you'll need an Amazon Prime account to take advantage of this offer.

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