Sam and Max are getting a VR game

Sam and Max VR
(Image credit: Happy Giant)

Sam & Max have a long and storied history on the PC, from pixelated LucasArts adventure Sam & Max Hit the Road to the series of 3D adventure games from Telltale.

Now the infamous freelance police duo are breaking into a new medium: virtual reality. Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual is due for release in 2021. Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell is consulting on story, art, and game design, and the voices of the freelance police will once again be performed by David Nowlin and Dave Boat.

"After decades of rescuing bigfoots, playing games of high-stakes poker against B-List celebrities, and preserving reality from cosmic nogoodniks, the world-renowned dog and rabbity thing are on a recruitment drive to fatten up the ranks of the Freelance Police… and they’ve come to you for help!" says developer Happy Giant. 

"Dive head first into the funky world of virtual reality as Sam and Max push you through their mostly-relevant gauntlet of training courses designed to test your mettle and break your brain… and watch out for the hidden menace lurking in the training grounds that may spell doom for us all!"

Check out the official trailer:

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