Rust could get creepy NPC scientists that ignore your naked caveman murders

Rust scientists

The latest Rust devblog is here, and as ever it's an interesting read: a mixture of stuff that's going to be implemented, stuff that's probably going to be implemented, and stuff that maybe who knows hey wouldn't it be cool if this was a thing in Rust? NPC scientists are in the last category, I'm afraid, but if we all poke Facepunch with a big stick until they agree to include them, I reckon they will definitely include them.

Here's how NPC scientists will work, when Facepunch relent and add them to their game:

"I want these guys to have a weird, unsettling feeling," says Facepunch's Paul Bradley. "I felt like you could capture this by hiding their faces completely behind dirty face masks. I also think it would be cool if they somewhat ignored the player as they went about the island conducting their research, only really acknowledging you if you got too close and threatened them. It would be cool if you could hear them communicating to each other with muffled, distorted voices so you can’t really understand what they’re saying. Just to add to the creepy factor."

The rest of the stuff in the devblog is less exciting, but there are few gratuitous shots of digital bums and willies, if you're interested. Also some lovely sky textures, plus work on dungeons continues apace. (Thanks, RPS!)

Tom Sykes

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