Rogue Trooper Redux gameplay video shows off five minutes of modernized warfare

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Rogue Trooper Redux, the modernization of Rebellion's 2006 third-person shooter based on the Rogue Trooper comic, was announced in March and then teased in May with a CGI trailer introducing the blue-skinned GI. Now it's time to lay eyeballs on some proper gameplay in a new trailer narrated by Rich May, a programmer on the original game.

The remaster will feature "up-to-date graphics and rendering techniques, parallax mapping, dynamic lights, dynamic shadows—everything you need to bring it up to date [and] make it look as good as the other games out there," May says in the video. "We've also tweaked the gameplay slightly with a few little additions to bring it up to date to modern standards."

The trailer shows off lots of combat, as you'd expect, and also demonstrates how Rogue ends up with two of the "biochips" he carries around with him, Gunnar and Bagman. Spoiler alert: They die, so best not to get too attached to either of them while you're watching. Poor Gunnar. 

It probably speaks volumes about the game that standing on the backs of a guy's knees and ganking him with his own rifle counts as "stealth kill." But don't feel bad about doing it: "They deserve it," May says. "They're not nice people."

Rogue Trooper Redux will be out later this year. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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