Rockstar teases Red Dead artwork [updated]

Update:  After teasing a red company logo that subsequently sent the internet into meltdown yesterday, it seems Rockstar is gearing up for Red Dead news after all. Via its official Twitter feed, the GTA developer posted the above western-inspired header image earlier today.  

So, can we expect an entirely new game or perhaps a remaster of Red Dead Redemption—2010's wonderful wild western third-person sandbox which sadly still hasn't found its way to PC. Maybe both? Watch this space. 

Original Story: 

Rockstar just blew up Twitter by posting an image of its logo over a red background, leading many to reasonably assume that a new Red Dead will shortly be announced, or that a remaster of Redemption is on the way.

There are a couple of clues in the image: the fact that it features a similar (or even the same) shade of red to that used in marketing images for Red Dead Redemption, and the fact that the logo is a bit distressed, like a well-worn item one might find in the Old West. It would be pretty great trolling by Rockstar if the image was for a Table Tennis sequel, but I'd say the chances of that are...fairly low.

Rockstar has also plastered its website with the image, which pops up for a few seconds before you're taken to the rest of the site. It's on there as a news article, while the edges of the site have also been dyed the same distinct shade of red.

This comes a few months after leaked image did the rounds, reportedly showing the map from a new Red Dead currently in development. According to reports, the game will be a prequel to Red Dead Redemption—which still hasn't made it to PC.

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