How to get Bronze Ingots in Return to Moria

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Working out how to smelt Bronze is one of those classic survival-crafting game hurdles, and it's no different in Return to Moria. As your hardy Dwarf delver pushes ever further into the fallen realm of Moria, they'll need to upgrade their equipment, and so advance from iron, to steel, and so on.

Once you leave the Elven Quarter with your trusty Steel Pickaxe and enter the Mines of Moria, Bronze is the next material to be on the lookout for. With that in mind, here's how to get Bronze Ingots in Return to Moria so you can reach the next set of upgrades.

How to get Bronze Ingots

For the metallurgy fans out there—don't all pipe up at once—you'll know that it takes two different types of ore to create Bronze, namely: Tin and Copper. You'll need the Steel Pickaxe to mine these, but the good news is that you'll already have one as you need it to break through the Compacted Dirt barrier in the Elven Quarter to get to the Mines of Moria anyway. 

Both Copper Ore and Tin Ore can be found in the mines area and they're pretty easy to recognise. Tin Ore is mostly red, while Copper Ore is an orangey colour speckled with bits of green. If that's too much hassle, you can also just pull out your pickaxe and run up to an ore deposit to find out what type it is. 

Most of the easy-to-access ore deposits are located at the bottom of the mine, but there might be a few dotted along the cavern walls. Remember you can press V to quickly build platforms so you can get to them. Once you've acquired three Copper Ore, three Tin Ore, and you've built the Bellows improvement for your Forge with Steel Ingots and Elven Wood, you'll be able to smelt your first Bronze Ingot.

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