How to find and use Muznakan Carvings in Return to Moria

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The Muznakan Carvings are one of the first mysterious items you'll find while delving into the lost Dwarven realm in Return to Moria. These ancestral idols are scattered around each area, but it's not immediately clear what you're supposed to do with them, other than begrudgingly lug them around in your pack or shove them in a chest somewhere.

These little statues are well worth grabbing, however, since collecting them all and taking them to the right place rewards you with treasure, including crafting diagrams. Since Return to Moria is procedurally-generated, you won't find these in the same place each time, but here's your best bet for finding Muznakan Carvings, and what to do with them to get that loot.

Where to find Muznakan Carvings

These tiny Dwarf statues are fairly easy to find. Your best bet is to look inside ruined Dwarf houses, forges, inns, and generally any Dwarven structure. Most of them will be hidden in a corner, under a staircase, or tucked away behind a piece of furniture. Either way, if you scour any nearby Dwarf ruins, you're sure to find all the ones you need. 

It's worth noting that each region has its own specific type of Muznakan Carving. The Elven Quarter, for instance, has Narvi's Muznakan Carvings, which can also be found in Orkish Chests. The first ones you encounter will be Ori's Muznakan Carvings in the starting area. You'll need to find five of these initially, but that number might grow for other types of Muznakan as you proceed into larger areas.

How to use Muznakan Carvings

Once you have all five of Ori's Muznakan Carvings, you need to deposit them at their appropriate altar. In the first area, this is the Muznakan of Ori's Line, which you should be able to locate easily just after you make your first camp and enter into the area with the ruined Dwarf houses and forges. The Narvi's Muznakan Carvings altar is in the wood in the Elven Quarter, and I only needed four statues to open it.

Insert all five statues into the altar and you'll be able to open it up. These chests contain gold, sapphires, ingots, and two crafting diagrams a-piece. It's possible the crafting diagram rewards are random, but either way, it should net you some superior gear for your daring Dwarven delver.

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