How to get the wrench in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake wrench room
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The Resident Evil 4 Remake wrench is a key item you'll need to locate when trying to escape the regenerator-infested hellhole that is the island's laboratory. The wrench is used to unlock a machine that lets you upgrade your keycard's access, letting you open the doors that are sealing you in so you can reach Ashley. 

To get to this point, you'll have already fought some regenerators, so you know what an absolute pain they are to kill. On the plus side, part of finding this wrench will make killing any future regenerators a piece of cake. Here I'll explain how to find the wrench so you can keep on pushing through the island's many trials and hazards.

Resident Evil 4 wrench location 

If you read the note in the room where you need to unlock the keycard machine, it'll say about how one of the regenerator subjects escaped and absorbed it into themselves. What you need to do is take the Biosensor Scope from the room and equip it to a rifle or a TMP. Now, look through the scope at the four regenerators suspended in the tanks in the adjacent room. 

Do any of them have a big wrench-shaped object inside of them? That's the one you need to kill. Shoot the tank to release the regenerator, then use the Biosensor Scope to shoot the glowing parasites inside its body for a quick kill. I'd suggest drawing it out of the room where the other regenerator tanks are located, in case you accidentally shoot one of them and have a far tougher fight on your hands. Once the regenerator is dead, grab the wrench from its corpse and unlock the keycard machine to upgrade your access. 

While the card is being upgraded you'll get attacked by lots of soldiers, so be careful throwing grenades around the regenerator tanks or firing wildly—the best thing is probably to draw them into the room with you where you can finish them off before grabbing your new keycard.

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