All Resident Evil 4 Remake Clockwork Castellan locations

Resident Evil 4 Remake Clockwork Castellan
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The Resident Evil 4 Remake Clockwork Castellans are special collectibles you can find in each of the game's 16 chapters. These little clockwork statues of Salazar make a squeaky noise which can help you find their location, but even then, some of them are tough to track down.

You'll likely want to find them, too, since you'll get an indestructible knife as your reward. The Primal Knife has a final upgrade that makes it unbreakable, meaning you can stab as many handsy villagers as you want, and gut endless parasites on the ground before they burst from neckholes. Here are the locations of all 16 Clockwork Castellans. 

Chapter one Clockwork Castellan

The first Clockwork Castellan can be found in the Lakeside Settlement during chapter one. When you enter the area from the farm you'll find a villager standing inside a ruined house throwing dynamite at you. Head inside that house, into the second room, and look up at the rafters to see the statue resting there.  

Chapter two Clockwork Castellan

The second Clockwork Castellan is north of the Abandoned Factory area, after you unlock the door with the insignia you collect from the Valley. You'll find it in the corner of a shack on a hay bale, along with a note that asks you to shoot all of the dolls. 

Chapter three Clockwork Castellan

The third Clockwork Castellan is inside the merchant's big shop hideout. Drop down to the lower level by the pier where the locked drawer is, and run around the corner to find the doll resting on top of a crate above you. 

Chapter four Clockwork Castellan

The fourth Clockwork Castellan is located in the secret Forest Altar area accessible from the side of the Lakeside Settlement area once you have the Insignia Key. Open the gate and climb the ladder to the main altar, then head to the back where the fence is, and look out into the left of the woods to see the doll there.

Chapter five Clockwork Castellan

The fifth Clockwork Castellan is located in the attic of the Village Chief's Manor, which is only accessible once you have Ashley with you. Head into his bedroom, move the picture frame to open the attic hatch, then lift Ashley up so she can lower the ladder. The doll is located next to a chessboard and a bucket, but you should be able to hear it squeaking.  

Chapter six Clockwork Castellan

The sixth Clockwork Castellan is located on your way out of the village. Before you reach the Checkpoint area, you'll pass a shack containing a chest with the Chalice of Atonement, and a villager who jump-scares you from beside the door. Just after this, you'll see a big bonfire off to the right side of the walkway with the doll resting just next to it on the ground. 

Chapter seven Clockwork Castellan

The seventh Clockwork Castellan is right after you escape the first Garrador⁠—the blind enemy with big claws⁠. You'll unlock the door out of the dungeon and climb a ladder into a storage room, right before the Treasury, where you'll find the doll on a wooden shelf. 

Chapter eight Clockwork Castellan

The eighth Clockwork Castellan is located on the Castle Battlements when the Armoured Gigante starts throwing rocks at you on top of the tower. Instead of turning left to carry on and escape, turn right and drop down, returning back towards the tower you originally came from. Climb the ladder to the top of that tower, then run around to the other side of the crate barrier to find the doll there.

Chapter nine Clockwork Castellan

The ninth Clockwork Castellan is hidden in the Courtyard maze where the dogs are. When facing the elevator staircase, go left, then follow these directions: right, left back on yourself, right, left back on yourself, right back on yourself, and you'll find it behind a pillar between some wooden planks and covered boxes. 

Chapter ten Clockwork Castellan

The tenth Clockwork Castellan is located after you exit the watery cave with the bugs in the Depths. When you find the door to the merchant's shop, find the sewer grate directly opposite and look into it to see the doll peeking its head down from above. 

Chapter eleven Clockwork Castellan

The eleventh Clockwork Castellan is found after you ride the mining cart with Luis for the first time. You'll arrive at the Stopover, but before you get into the other cart, look inside the first floor of the house where the dynamite enemy is to see the doll sitting on the edge of the missing roof.

Chapter twelve Clockwork Castellan

The twelfth Clockwork Castellan is on the ground floor of the Clock Tower. After you enter and Salazar appears, head left and run along the wall a little way to find the doll under the stairs on a crate. 

Chapter thirteen Clockwork Castellan

The thirteenth Clockwork Castellan is near where you first arrive on the island. After you first fight the soldier with the RPG, you'll go through some double doors, and be presented with two directions. One leads around the side of a building, while the other goes to the main door where there are some soldiers, including another with an RPG. Head toward the soldiers, kill them, then look for the doll hidden on the ground between a green forklift and a red truck. 

Chapter fourteen Clockwork Castellan

The fourteenth Clockwork Castellan is located after you meet Saddler in the Amber Storeroom. This doll is on top of a metal locker in a room at the top end of the campsite area where the crossbow soldier is standing, overlooking the tents. 

Chapter fifteen Clockwork Castellan

The fifteenth Clockwork Castellan is after the section with Mike, the helicopter, and the Cliffside Ruins. Just before Specimen Storage, you'll find this doll on a ceiling rafter in a back room with a treasure chest inside.

Chapter sixteen Clockwork Castellan

The sixteenth and final Clockwork Castellan is available as you're fleeing the island with the timer counting down. After you jump the collapsed stone bridge and enter the room with all the dying parasites and soldiers on the floor, you can find the last doll on top of a big stack of crates near the forklift.

Once you've shot them all you can collect the Primal Knife from any typewriter storage, even if it's in a previous chapter or save.

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