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Resident Evil 4 Remake treasure chest
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Resident Evil 4 Remake treasure is as much a part of the new game as it was in the original, as you plunder ancient riches and priceless antiques, and pawn them off to the merchant to get pesetas for better guns and upgrades. The key difference in the remake is that now there's a whole gemstone system where slotting jewels into treasure in a certain order provides a set increase to an item's value.

There's also far more treasure to grab, whether by opening sealed shrines or locked drawers or by completing little puzzles that promise rich rewards. Here, I'll explain the best way to find all treasure locations in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, the ones to look out for, and how to create a treasure worth 100,000 ptas to complete the in-game challenge.

Resident Evil 4 Remake treasure and how to find it

The best way to find treasure in the Resident Evil 4 Remake is to buy treasure maps for each region from the merchant. The village treasure map can be bought for one Spinel in chapter two when you meet him outside the Abandoned Factory, then in chapter seven you can buy the castle treasure map, and the island treasure map in chapter thirteen. While some treasures are just in blue or red chests that you can open or in barrels you can smash, a lot of them are locked away or require you to complete puzzles. 

The village has Wayshrines to open, the castle has Square Lock Boxes, and both have a variety of drawers that can only be opened with small keys. You can also find treasures hanging in little metal containers that make a squeaking sound, though be careful when you shoot these down—the first one you find in the farm area is moving back and forth over some water, and if it falls in it'll be less valuable, so you have to time it. 

Besides the treasures that you can slot gems into, the most valuable are the Depraved Idols that are worth 15,000 ptas each. You can get one in the village when solving the hexagon puzzle by the Fish Farm, and another in the castle once you reunite with Ashley and can boost her into the locked room by the Wine Cellar. The best tip for crafting valuable treasures is to hold onto your rubies and red beryls; these gems are the only ones that can be used to get the same colour gem bonus, which always provides the most value unless you have five gem slots so you can do one of every colour.

How to sell a treasure worth 100,000 ptas

In order to complete this specific in-game challenge, you're going to need the Elegant Crown treasure, three different colour rectangular gemstones, and two different colour circular ones. There are a couple of Elegant Crowns in the game, but the first you can find is in the Depths in chapter ten, after you exit the watery area with the bugs, but before you reach the merchant. 

You'll find it at the end of a corridor next to a dead monk by a lantern. Now, you need to slot the different gemstone colours in to get the five-colour bonus, which boosts the value to 100,000 ptas. Then just sell it to the merchant to complete the challenge.

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