Where to find the Gold Egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Golden Egg - Leon in the Throne Room
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You might recall the Resident Evil 4 Remake Gold Egg from the original game as a rare item that was occasionally dropped by wandering chickens throughout the village. In the new game, you can track down one of these and sell it to the Merchant to complete the Egg Hunt blue request for some ever-valuable Spinels

Unlike the original, these shiny-shelled treasures can only be found in specific locations, and there are just a couple up for grabs in the entire game. So, if you've grabbed the Egg Hunt blue request from outside the Mural Cave, here's how to find a Gold Egg in both the village and the castle areas. 

Gold Chicken Egg location 

You can find the Gold Egg in a tiny little area off to the side of the Lake. Once you have the boat and can sail around freely in chapter four, head to this little wooded enclosure, and land to find a pen with a load of chickens running around. This is a good place for gathering lots of regular eggs if you want to hurl them at villagers or use them for healing, but you can also find the Gold Egg further back, hidden behind a bush. 

If you somehow leave the village area before grabbing this and can't get back, fear not: you can find another Gold Egg in the castle, specifically, in the Throne Room Square Lock Box you can find at the start of chapter twelve. You'll need the Cubic Device to open this, but you can always grab that from the chest in the passage leading out of the Armory near the Grand Hall. Once you have the egg, sell it to the merchant to complete the request and get a few extra pesetas for your trouble. 

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