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Remember Me gets a release date and memorable new trailer

Remember Me

The writers of Remember Me are going to great lengths to let you know their game takes place in the future. For starters, it's set in Neo Paris. Also there's a character called Edge, the sort of name that could only come about in the dystopian vision of a world where celebrity baby naming gets extreme . I'm actually amazed that they haven't included a device that plugs into your head and overlays glitchy VR graphics throughout the world... OH NO WAIT, THEY HAVE.

And yet, despite the futurist world-building bullshit and aggressive Protagonist Amnesia plot device, Remember Me does look like a promising slice of sci-fi pulp gaming. I'm not entirely convinced it'll be great, but it seems like a silly enough concept that it just might work. Or maybe it'll prove (*drum-roll*) entirely forgettable.

As the trailer reveals, Remember Me is due out June 4th.

Phil Savage
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