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Red Orchestra 2 launches, releases new trailer

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Red Orchestra 2 has launched. And to celebrate the five-year trek of development, Tripwire Interactive has released a trailer. Click within to have a look, and for information on our trio of new RO2 servers.

I've set up three RO2 servers for our community here in the US. Look forward to a heap of Steam events in the future--I think we're actually going to assemble something that resembles a clan, too. I can't make any promises that our servers will be running tonight--I'm unsure how long it'll take to update them and configure everything. I'll send up a flare over Twitter once they're up and running. In the meantime, here're the IPs:

San Jose, CA |

Dallas, TX |

Chicago, IL |

I'm looking for folks to help me admin our servers and/or manage our RO2 clan. Responsibilities would include helping us run public and private events, manage clan members, and edit server settings and map rotation for maximum fun. If so, tell me why you'd be a good fit at

Evan Lahti
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