'Red Faction Evolution' may have just leaked via the Nvidia Ansel website

E3 surprises are often leaked by retailer databases or blurry photographs, but it's not every day that a new game is leaked by a screenshot tool. But that may have happened with Red Faction Evolution, which users on the Metacouncil forum spotted on Nvidia's Ansel compatibility page. Ansel is Nvidia's tech for taking 360 degree screenshots in games, adjusting post-processing, resolution, and so on. It's a high-powered photo mode that quite a few PC games support these days, including, supposedly, Red Faction Evolution.

There hasn't been a new Red Faction game since 2011's Red Faction Armageddon, but the series has shown signs of life recently, with Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered, released in July 2018. THQ Nordic published that re-release, and at the time we said we hoped they would bring back Red Faction for another shot. And just this week, the publisher said that it had 48 unannounced games in development.

Knowing that, a game called Red Faction Evolution being announced at this E3 doesn't sound so crazy at all. You can check out the listing on the Nvidia Ansel page here. It's still there on the US page, as of this writing.

(For reference, the asterisk next to some of the games, including Red Faction Evolution, means the following:  "*Select Beta Ansel features can include: screenshot, filters, and super resolution (AI). Additional features not available.")

Wes Fenlon
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