Red Dead Online domain seemingly registered by Grand Theft Auto publisher

First there was an innocuous red logo, then there was yesterday's Magnificent Seven-like teaser. Now it seems a follow-up to 2010's console-exclusive Red Dead Redemption is all but happening (which will surely land on PC, right?), as publisher Take-Two appears to have registered the domain

Clicking through the link redirects to said Western-inspired artwork on developer Rockstar's site, however searching the domain name and registrar via the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers pulls up the following: 

It's possible Rockstar and Take-Two are hedging their bets ahead of time, however the domain, according to ICANN, was registered yesterday and expires one year from now. Given the continued success of GTA Online, Rockstar's next project will almost certainly pay deference to a substantial online component. Assuming this is a Red Dead follow-up, roaming around in a persistent online wild western world sounds lovely. 

Speaking to a Red Dead reveal, while unconfirmed for now, Wareable's Hugh Langley tweeted this yesterday: 

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We'll update as and when we know more. 

Thanks, Enthusiast