Rebellion will reveal new, unannounced game at the PC Gaming Show

Rebellion will reveal a "major unannounced new title" at the PC Gaming Show later this month, and will also show off more of Evil Genius 2, the "fully-fledged sequel" to Elixir Studios' 2004 RTS.

The developer didn't give anything away in a teaser tweet: the image for the new game is just a question mark on top of what looks like a cracked surface flecked with red. We'll find out exactly what it is at the 2019 PC Gaming Show, which you'll be able to watch live here on June 10. 

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The Sniper Elite series developer hasn't said much about Evil Genius 2 since announcing it in 2017, so it will be good to see what stage it's at. Rebellion will also be showing of Sniper Elite VR at E3, it said, but that won't be at the PC Gaming Show. 

Samuel Roberts
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