Razer's Nari Wireless gaming headset is just $80 for today only

Razer Nari Wireless gaming headset
(Image credit: Razer)

Razer makes some of the best gaming headsets around, and one of its most popular models is the Nari Wireless. The price for the headset has fluctuated around $100-150 recently, but now you can now get it for just $79.99. That's the lowest recorded price for the Nari Wireless, but the sale ends after today.

This headset offers simulated 7.1 surround-sound audio, a lightweight and adjustable headband, integrated audio controls, and up to 16 hours of battery life. Just like nearly every other wireless headset, the Nari uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection to ensure low-latency transmission. Also, since this is a Razer product, the logos on the ear cups can change color.

We haven't tried out this specific headset, but we give Razer's Nari Ultimate a score of 93 in our review, and the only difference is that the Ultimate has haptic feedback. So for those of you who don't care for a headset that sends vibrations into you skull, the Nari Wireless is the better choice.

Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 | $79.99 (save $70)

Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 | $79.99 (save $70)
For today only, Razer's Nari Wireless gaming headset is at its lowest ever price.

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