Razer's $80 Viper gaming mouse is free when you buy a Huntsman TE keyboard

Razer's $80 Viper gaming mouse is free when you buy a Huntsman TE keyboard
Score two gaming peripherals for the price of one with this deal. (Image credit: Razer)

A mouse and keyboard go together like peanut butter and jelly, though ideally they make for a less sticky combination. You need 'em both to realize their ideal form, which is what makes this such a delicious deal—purchase a Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard at Best Buy for $129.99 and get a Razer Viper gaming mouse worth $79.99 at no extra cost.

The main difference between the Huntsman Tournament Edition (released seven months ago) and the Elite model, one of the best keyboards for gaming, is it ditches a dedicated number pad for a shorter profile. This is otherwise known as a tenkeyless, or TKL keyboard. While not great for number crunching, the compact design is a boon if you're short on desk space or just want a smaller keyboard for gaming.

Razer's Huntsman TE uses "linear optical" key switches. Instead of relying on metal contacts, there are beams of infra-red light beneath the keys to register keystrokes. This results in near-instantaneous actuation when pressing a key. In our experience, these switches work quite well.


Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Keyboard + Viper Mouse | $129.99 (save $79.99)
Both the Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard and Viper mouse use infra-red light beams to register keystrokes and clicks, to great effect. The keyboard normally sells for $129.99, and right now you can get the Viper (valued at $79.99) for free when buying one at Best Buy.

As for the Razer Viper, it's an overall great gaming mouse. Built for esports, it has a 16,000 DPI sensor and an overall comfortable design, as we noted in our review, assuming you're not adverse to ambidextrous mice.

Like the Huntsman TE keyboard, the Viper employs beams of light, in the form or optical mouse switches. In his testing, Benjamin Abbott found it offered "one of the quickest clicks I've experienced—period. What's more, the buttons require very little force to press down."

In other words, it's an excellent mouse for gaming, and free with this deal.

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