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Razer's best cheap gaming headset is just $35 on Amazon today

Razer Kraken X Ultralight gaming headset black friday gaming headset deal
(Image credit: Razer)

There's a lot of junk to wade through as you shop around for gaming headset deals this Black Friday, but the Razer Kraken X has just surfaced from the murky depths, and it's here for a pretty swell $34.99. (Get it? Swell? Kraken?) It's one of our favorite inexpensive headsets, and at that price it's a great buy if you just want an all-around decent headset to add to your setup. 

Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals

Black Friday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Black Friday bargains.

This headset made it into our list of the best gaming headsets, and for good reason. Not only are you getting quality, balanced virtual 7.1 surround sound for cheap (even before the price drop), you also get a beautifully lightweight, comfortable frame to go with it. The design is no-nonsense. 

The Kraken features a nice 12Hz-28kHz frequency response, though it's a little wavy on the bass tones. There's a noise-cancelling mic which does its job fine, and, although you can bend it out of the way, you can't remove it completely. 

Still, you could quite happily use it to record your cephalopodcasts, and you can blame Ian Evenden for that one, I'm taking no responsibility for his puns.

Razer Kraken X Ultralight | $49.99
Release the Kraken!

Razer Kraken X Ultralight | $49.99 $34.99 at Amazon (save $15)
Our best cheap gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound just got cheaper. It may not have all the flair of the more expensive models, but this is the tradeoff for a cheaper headset with exquisite virtual 7.1 surround sound. It falls a little short with bass frequencies, and you'll be stuck with your bendy mic in the way a bit, but you'll be able to nail that guy trying to sneak up on you in-game. And, at 0.55lbs, it wont even feel like you're wearing a headset at all. 

The Kraken X cant compete with all the fancy frills of its big bro—Tournament Edition—but amid the whirling torrents of other cheap gaming headsets, it lives up to its name.

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