Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween skins appear to have leaked

(Image credit: YouTube)

Rainbow Six Siege's character artists seem to be getting ready for Halloween early, as a new leak appears to show off a new round of horror-themed operator skins likely coming with this year's holiday event.

The leak, which comes via obutu3_, shows Halloween skins for Doc, Kaplan, Bandit, Ela, Vigil, Smoke, and Frost. There are also new skins for Caviera and Gridlock, although these aren't obviously Halloween-related.

Each of the new epic skins looks pretty great, although for my money, Frost's is the most upsetting. Her face is split into a monstrous, sharp-toothed grin, and the horns poking out of her scalp are just icing on the cake. Smoke's skin turns him into an alien sewer monster of some kind, and Ela's is called "skin suit"—and the reason why becomes obvious when you give it a second look. Ed Gein called; he says he wants his jogging outfit back.

Last year, Siege ran a special haunted house-style event for Halloween, and offered up themed skins for 10 operators, while making the previous year's spooky skins available as well. Hopefully that'll be the case again this year, and we'll have the chance to collect any we missed.

Thanks, PCGamesN.