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How to celebrate this Halloween in PC games

If you're looking for some scares that don't involve reading the news or your checking your bank account, there are plenty of tricks and treats in some of your favorite games this Halloween season. Every year there are more and more Halloween events in PC games—some have already begun and most will last beyond October 31.

Here are the Halloween events in PC games this year. We're sure to be adding more right up until Wednesday, and if we're missing any of your favorites, you're welcome to haunt the comments section and let us know.

Vermintide 2

From October 29 until November 4, you can celebrate Geheimnisnacht in Vermintide 2 (opens in new tab), where all levels take place at night, with the only illumination coming from the moons. There's also a limited time quest which rewards players with a new portrait frame and access to the trophy room in Taal's Horn Keep.


Fortnitemares is here, as we're guessing you're already aware. The cryptic Cube dispatched monsters in cursed areas around the map, bringing a bit of PvE to the battle royale experience. Spooky cosmetic rewards are available for completing challenges like dancing in front of gargoyles, too, and there are new limited time weapons available during the event, like the Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

Rainbox Six Siege

This event (opens in new tab) is already live and continues right up until October 31, transforming the House map into a haunted house. It's filled with Halloween decorations and scary new skins are available for 10 operators—and last year's Halloween cosmetics have returned as well. Simply logging in during the event nets you a free Crimsonveil Collection pack, with more available for completing Club Challenges. The packs are available to earn until November 5.


PUBG's Survival Squad of Horrors event has already begun, adding some Halloween costumes like a mummy, a scary nurse, and a killer clown that can be bought in the in-game store using BP.


Overwatch's Halloween Terror event (opens in new tab) began on October 9 and runs until Halloween. There are new items to unlock, six new legendary skins, Halloween emotes and highlight intros, and of course, a Halloween loot box bundle containing skins, avatars, sprays, voice lines, and more.  

World of Warcraft

It wouldn't really be Halloween without WoW's annual celebration. Hallow's End (opens in new tab), which began on October 18 and runs through November 1, lets players collect candy, masks, rewards, and other festive items. There are seasonal quests, bosses, and pets, and new this year: the Headless Horseman's Hearthstone (opens in new tab).

Rocket League

Running until November 5, Rocket League's Haunted Hallows event challenges you to earn 'Candy Corn' for competing in online matches (opens in new tab), which you can then redeem on new decals, wheels, toppers, and other items. You can also redeem your Candy Corn for a Golden Pumpkin, which contains a customization Item from the Nitro, Turbo or Player’s Choice crates. You even have a few extra days after the event (until November 8) to spend your Candy Corn before it expires.

This entry has been edited because it was entirely wrong.

Ring of Elysium

Tencent's battle royale game Elysium is rather good, and free on Steam (though not available in many parts of the world). Being free, it's naturally got loot crates, and from October 29 to November 4th you can grab a Pumpkin Head skin and Halloween crate.


Hitman 2 is just gonna miss the spooky season, arriving mid-November, but you can still celebrate in the previous Hitman with the Halloween pack, free to those who own the game. You can now dress Agent 47 as a scarecrow, because the only thing less conspicuous than a scowling bald man with barcode and a briefcase is a damn walking scarecrow.

Two Point Hospital

The Halloween update to Two Point Hospital adds spooky music, cauldrons and pumpkins, fluttering bats, and patients coming down with an affliction called 'Frightheadedness'. Good luck finding a cure. The update went live on October 24.

For Honor

It's Return of the Overworld, For Honor's annual Halloween event, and it runs until November 8. "New Halloween-themed goodies will let Heroes of all factions (including the recently added Wu Lin) transform into nightmarish versions of themselves with all-new Mask Outfits," Ubisoft says (opens in new tab). "Additionally, there will be new lootable items such as weapons, gear, and a new 'Moonlight Sonata' effect."

Killing Floor 2

In addition to some cool new guns, Tripwire is adding a new haunted house map called Monster's Ball filled with black-light graffiti (and flamethrowers) as part of the Monster's Masquerade update for Killing Floor 2. The house is filled with traps players can use to kill the hordes of zombies, and there's a spooky new soundtrack to boot. The update also contains a crossover item, a baseball bat wrapped in chains and spikes, free if you own both Killing Floor 2 and Road Redemption.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is blowing the doors off Halloween again this year with its Halloween Escapade (opens in new tab). It's live now and runs until November 7, and features a new event boss called Spook, who is scaled so players of any level can do battle with him. There are tons of other Halloween-themed quests, challenges, and bosses, not to mention lots of seasonal masks, hats, and other loot. BDO doesn't mess around when it comes to Halloween.

World of Warships

Wargaming has used Halloween to test new features in the past, and this Halloween is no different. World of Warships is now testing submarines, and there's some spooky ships to boot with new Halloween themed skins that bring some terror to the seas.

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