Radio The Universe gets new video, now on track for late 2016 release

Radio the Universe

I forget about Radio the Universe every time it goes dark, but then another video emerges to make me excited again. Back in December 2012, the top-down, gloomy, gorgeous RPG hit Kickstarter, and since then there have only been sporadic updates to reassure people that it's still alive. It is still alive, and here is another sporadic update showing off a boss battle:

It's interesting seeing the game in a post-Hyper Light Drifter world. I'm enjoying Drifter—which was announced the year after Radio the Universe, by the way—but I was hoping for something a little more...revelatory, and the similarly mysterious, and glitchy-aesthetic-having, RtU will hopefully fit the bill.

There have been a few Kickstarter updates since I last checked, if you'd like to browse through, and the game is now on track for a "late 2016" release. Here's the original Kickstarter trailer, if you've forgotten what it was all about:

Tom Sykes

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