Radio the Universe's continued existence confirmed with new footage

Radio the Universe

I knew it had been a while since atmospheric top-down sci-fi RPG Radio the Universe was successfully Kickstarted, but I didn't realise it had been two years. Two years! Where does the time go? With the projected release date of March 2014 passing us by, and with infrequent updates on the Kickstarter page, you might be wondering what's going on with it—but it a new video reassures us that it still exists. The footage is accompanied by an update on the state of the game: sixesixesixe is expecting to have most of it done by April. "after that: polish+cutscenes+testing", so we can hopefully expect Radio the Universe sometime this year.

Here's a bit more from that Kickstarter update on New Year's Eve:

"there is a completion chart on my whiteboard. the 2014 section is about 90% filled out now. it was supposed to be 100% filled but i was too slow. the 2015 section is mostly blank

"next progress goal is to have both the 2014 and 2015 sections filled out by april. after that: polish+cutscenes+testing. nothing unexpected hopefully"

Looking through sixe's YouTube channel, there are a bunch of other Radio the Universe clips, which have been quietly uploaded over the past four months or so (I'll embed them below). I'm loving the atmosphere, the sound design, the chunky combat and visual effects so far—I can see how it might take one person this long to get this game made. (Via Reddit.)

Tom Sykes

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