Quake Champions beta test opens up to everyone later this week

Good news for anyone waiting with slowly diminishing patience to get into the Quake Champions closed beta test: A "large scale tech test" scheduled to get underway on May 12 will open the doors to everyone. During the testing period, which will run until May 21, the game will be kept online 24/7 rather than running exclusively over weekends as has previously been the case.   

The tech test—basically an open beta—will also mark the debut of the new 4v4 Sacrifice mode. Details on the mode are still thin, but id Software's Tim Willits said in March that it is being developed with an eye toward helping Quake Champions find a meaningful niche for itself on the pro esports scene. 

And finally, Bethesda announced that the Quake Champions NDA will be lifted on May 12 at the start of the new test, meaning that players can stream, capture, and otherwise share their experiences with the game without restriction or fear of being yelled at by the ghost of Graeme Devine. If you've previously signed up for the Quake Champions closed beta, your invitation will arrive sometime prior to May 12, and if you have not, you can do so at quake.bethesda.net

Andy Chalk

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