Push Me Pull You hitting PC next week

Look, we're all thinking it: how do the weird wormy people from co-operative sports game Push Me Pull You go to the bathroom, given that, like CatDog, they have a head at either end? Two players control each wormy person during the game, trying to coerce a ball into their side of their court, while two rival players (or one dexterous individual) attempts the same. PMPY looks a bit like a body-horror nightmare brought to life, as the launch trailer ably demonstrates:

The news part of this news article is that Push Me Pull You is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux next week, on Thursday July 14, at which point you'll be able to buy it on Steam, Humble and itch.io. That's despite Phil's post from 2014 reckoning that the game was due out later that year, but it's not like we've had a flood of wormy co-op sports titles in the intervening time.

Tom Sykes

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