Progress report from PC Gamer Minecraft Republic

6. Statue of Helios

Loosly based on the Greek god Helios, this Collossus looks out into the ocean, bow at the ready for any intruders. It's torch, a beacon to incoming travelers escaping griefers from the main land.

7. Formally known as Tom Francis Cactus Fort

Once our sanctuary, the Tom Francis Cactus Fort has been razed by the locals in an act they called “ eminent domain. ” In its place, a walkway was built and pigs roam free. At least the locals replanted the cactus alongside the road.

8. Pixel art of Mario and Pacman

A few more statues of idols were also found nearby. Our scientists think that the mustached man is trying to steal the cherry and the two other stone creatures are running away from him.

9. The local residents pose for a shot.

We were able to sneak up on some residents at a new construction site named “North West Citadel” even though they were on the South-West corner of our maps. We didn't want to push the issue in case the residents became enraged.

10. The completed North-West Citadel.

Here is a view of the "North-West Citadel" a few days after the ground breaking. Made up of several floors that expand wider and wider as it reaches the top floor, the citadel is currently the largest structure in that part of the country.

11. A view of Sky City.

Below is Sky City. Along a floating highway in the sky, residents have created a floating city in the sky. Secluded away in a valley a fair distance away from the center of our map, Sky City is small right now. Consisting of less than a dozen buildings, Sky City is already expanding to the depths of the earth.

Things have settled down a bit since we've arrived and the locals seem more friendly to us now. It seems though that more and more groups have been splitting off from the center of the republic and starting up their own towns in the out-lying areas. We'll investigate these new towns sprouting up and report back soon.