Progress report from PC Gamer Minecraft Republic

Click for a massive version to zoom in and explore every detail of our fine Republic.

World of Warcraft isn't the only place PC Gamer readers have been braving a cataclysm! Residents of the PC Gamer Minecraft Republic have recently braved all manner of natural upheaval: lands torn asunder as mountains appeared, oceans engulfed, and lush green valleys turned into barren deserts! But through it all, the brave citizens of the PC Gamer Republic continue to build.

Following up on our earlier report , I'm proud to say that new lands have been claimed in the name of the Republic as more visitors continue to arrive on our fair shores and, despite some criminals vandalizing public buildings, many great buildings continue to arise from nothingness, thanks to dedicated builders! We've got full details and screenshots of the best creations made within the past month below.

The essential info:

  • Find the PC Gamer official Minecraft server at
  • Share your creations and story by posting in our forums and send screenshots to with "PRTSCN" in the subject line.
  • Hint: Hold down F1 while taking screenshots to get rid of the heads-up-display elements like the crosshair, inventory, and version number.

The current map of our world:

Even more detailed versions can be seen of our world's hotspots:

  • Here is t he "North-West pole" . Located on a frigid icy plot of land, the North-West pole is the first time snow has been discovered in the Republic.
  • Central is the center of our map. Here is where the Republic of PC Gamer was born and where most of the structures erected since birth reside.
  • Freedom Cove was founded after the inhabitants grew tired of new immigrants moving in around Central. Seeking out for more space, and a better life, the group sailed across the ocean before landing at a secluded coast that was far enough from the mainland that few visitors would find it.

The top additions made to the server in the past month:

1. The Cornish Memorial Library

Residents of this large building seem to be well-versed in literature, based on all the almost-absurd number of books found inside. And like every library I've been to, there's an ominous portal in the attic. It appeared oddly void of players everytime that I visited, leading me to conclude that it must be a haunted library.

Below is the interior of the lirbary. The empty reception desk in the lobby of the library only confirmed my haunted library theory! But at least we were able to peruse the massive library and it's two floors full of of books without getting shushed by an angry librarian.

2. Claptrap

Nearby is a statue of some sort of robot. The sculptor is Pos3idon and I was amazed at the speed he worked while building up each layer of the statue over the course of the few days. I just hope lightning doesn't strike it and turn the statue into a ninja robot of doom bent on taking over the world.

3. The scarred land

Further explorations shows that parts of the land that was ravaged by the natural disaster is already being rebuilt. Here we have a bridge spanning the chasm created during the disaster and towers have already been erected.

4. It's a huge waterslide!

Here, near the Farnsworth building, is a giant water slide from a giant tower. The purpose remains unknown but we've witnessed residents taking boats to the top and then riding the boats down the very large slide. Screams of horrors could be heard as they plummeted into the abyss below the tower.

5. Hypnoised's curvy structure

Off near Freedom Cove, I discovered land that was flattened and the materials hauled away. Over the days when I returned, I saw parts of this structure being created. The Hypnoised structure even has a rooftop farm. I couldn't find the entrance into the building however. It seems like it's more of an art piece than a functional house.